I wanted to express my thoughts about Wonder Women VI, while I’m still warm with the energy that rose from the stage of talented artists ranging from singer songwriters, to spoken word, to visual artists, to stand up comedians. It felt like the intensity grew as the evening progressed and emotional waves washed over us with every new performance, audience and artists knit together, lifted each other up and roared with empowerment. This day, International Women’s Day we celebrated our differences and common ground, this day we celebrated our strengths and our weaknesses, this day we embraced each other as mothers, daughters, friends, lovers, and independent artists. It was an incredible culmination of strength, conviction and love, and I was honoured to participate and bear witness.
A mountain of gratitude must be erected for the awe-inspiring commitment and enthusiasm of Arlene Paculan and Kat Leonard towards a week of successful concerts and free workshops, and the grand finale that was International Women’s Day and the Wonder Women Concert to spread empowerment through art!
Check out the full gamut of awesome performers that made this event a huge success!

MARCH 4-8, 2013 is International Women’s Week, and LMG Productions celebrates by presenting WonderFest, a weeklong series of workshops and concerts that aims to promote an inspiring culture through art; a place for people to connect, cultivate and celebrate. WonderFest is coming March 4-8, 2013 Toronto!
YOU can help us spread empowerment through art too!
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We would be honoured if you would join us in our passion towards encouraging and empowering individuals through art.
For WonderFest schedules and details visit www.WonderWomenWorld.tumblr.com
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I am so honoured and excited to be contributing to this years celebration of International Women’s Week with my participation in Wonder Woman VI In Concert on March the 8th!
Wonder Women VI: WonderFest 
Spreading empowerment through art! 
MARCH 4-8, 2013 is International Women’s Week, and LMG Productions celebrates by presenting Wonder Women VI: WonderFest, a weeklong series of workshops and concerts to spread empowerment through art.
Wonder Women is a series of events that aims to promote a positive environment for aspiring artists, inspiring them to develop their craft. Created by Mississauga singer-songwriter and Executive Producer Arlene Paculan, Wonder Women’s mission is to showcase diversified talents and build confidence and character through art. With the help of singer-songwriter and Artistic Director Kat Leonard, Wonder Women is quickly growing into a valuable wealth of resources, education and encouragement, a place for people to connect, cultivate and celebrate.
The Wonder Women series has grown in popularity among performing artists and fans. This International Women’s Week edition of Wonder Women will be the largest Wonder Women event yet. With four free workshops and two concerts involving approximately 50 wonder women and super men of varied media, WonderFest is certain to make a positive artistic impact on the community.