“I Will Stand” 2022 OMA Album of The Year nominee
2021 OMA Songwriter of the The Year winner

Photo Credit: Tracy Walker Photography

I had chills over and over as I listened! It has such artistry in its storytelling, its heartbreaking reserve, and the emotional strain/tension that runs through it. Artists have a special kind of bravery that’s linked with telling the truth. In this case, Tania rescues a moment in history from obscurity or suppression, and ask us to contemplate its wider relevance – to the community, to Blacks elsewhere, and to the world – as she tenderly explore the disjunction between appearance and reality. I find the song unaccountably moving.

– Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival (“Planks and Marietta)

The song builds steadily into a powerful and defiant statement that has the cinematic feel of a Bond soundtrack.  

– Americana UK (“Blink”)

Trip-hoppy soul…Very film noir, this.

– Alan Cross (“Blink”)

“Produced by Hill Kourkoutis, the ballad commands your attention from the get-go and leaves you hypnotized by Joy’s vocals paired with a cinematic and dramatic sound.”

– Eat North (“Blink”)