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Tania was the other artist this weekend who made me tear up with her live performance of “Planks and Marietta,” inspired by the murder of George Floyd. Again, I was not surprised that Tania proved to be a standout. Her latest EP is chock full of goodness, and her live show did nothing to lessen my positive impression of her. In fact, it made me a bigger fan. Her opening number, “Who I Am,” is a vulnerable one that establishes intimacy with the audience right away, and it’s all up hill from there. Roots Music North – Review: Heather’s 5 favourite showcases at the Folk Music Ontario conference (October, 2022)

12:30 p.m.: Tania Joy is finally on stage, and damn she’s sounding fantastic. She opens with “Who I Am,” a vulnerable song about how hard and scary it is to be an artist and, let’s face it, an adult human in this world. The third song in her set is the arresting “Planks and Marietta,” written after the murder of George Floyd, which she introduces as her first act of speaking out against the racism in her life. The song feels even darker and more powerful live. It makes the hair on my arms stand up, and I feel tears welling up in my eyes. After the song, Tania graciously thanks her band and the folk community for its support and ends the set with an upbeat number inspired by caring for her dad.
Speaking of support, can I just say, I have spotted Tania Joy EVERYWHERE this weekend.  I’ve seen her in workshops. I’ve seen her in the daytime showcases for lengthy periods of time. I’ve seen her at the late night showcases on Dundas and Richmond.  In short, this woman has been out supporting her fellow artists like crazy this whole weekend. I hope she gets this kind of support in return. She deserves it.
Roots Music North – Review: Folk Music Ontario Showcase (October, 2022)

With our previous workshop feature, we name-dropped James Gray as one of the performers who we did not want to miss. The same rule applied to Tania Joy, whose music had been featured several times on our pages, and whose name was also circled with a bold sharpie on our list when the line-up was announced. – Great Dark Wonder Muskoka Music Festival Workshop: “Home Is Where The Heart Is” (September, 2022)

Tania Joy’s star has taken off, and this is only the beginning for the multi-talented musician and vocalist who grew up in Uxbridge, Ontario. The luminosity of Tania’s soulful, and boldly honest song artistry has drawn comparisons to legends like Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading, Bettye LaVette, Ray Lamontagne, and Ruthie Foster. However, Tania stands out as a force to be reckoned with completely in her own right. Tania’s piercing vocals emanate a depth and energy that is tender, raw, bold, and powerful all at once. Her second EP I Will Stand brings together innovative, haunting arrangements of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, organ, drums, Wurlitzer, strings, Farfisa, and synthizers. Tania’s song writing engages closely with relationships in all their intricacies, and often tackles broader social issues. Many of the songs from I Will Stand confront the trauma of racialized violence such as the song “Planks and Marietta,” written after the murder of George Floyd. Her songs convey the painful histories at work in the present while carving an avenue from which to heal.
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