I choose to expand from within! Where do you stand?

I realize there is a decision for me to make within the creative process and my artistry as a songwriter.
To create from my own voice or to communicate for others?
As a graphic designer it is my commitment to excel at the later, to solve design and communication problems for clients, and support them in the expression of their brand. In this sense there is a responsibility to create from another perspective, where success is measured by insights, trends and brand engagement relevant to a strategic goal.
As both artist and songwriter, I see a new opportunity to celebrate my own voice, and what I personally have to contribute to the world. A voice I could not access as an artist through other mediums. Through music there are stories to explore that could contribute so much more than the packaged, processed products for mass consumption that keep us from feeling anything real, or connecting us to each other. This is where my passion lies, in breaking past the surface and making that emotional connection, one song at a time.
For me this is a choice to be expansive, and not limited in my creative pursuits. In this choice I empower a voice that has in the past placed the judgements of others before her own. Through music I will emancipate my spirit and create a clearing to start anew.
I choose to expand from within! Where do you stand? I’d love to hear what you are passionate about and how you are bringing your gifts into this world. Please leave a comment on the blog or tweet me @misstaniajoy ­čÖé
Much love,


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  1. I’m glad to hear your going to create from within. To create something original is a powerful creative statement. It will likely be filled with passion, and “realness”, which speaks to people. If the music speaks to people, then the marketing has something to work with! Uh…., “you go girl”, and do your own thing!

  2. Thanks Daniel, in essence its a quest to acknowledge the “realness” that i embody, (for better or worse) and create from there. Judgement or praise being far from the point, and measuring my success on the degree to which i’m loving what i do, doing what i love, and loving who i am. (or something like that lol!)

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