I am very excited to share this preview of “Shine Your Light” the first track on my Debut EP “I’ll Be Around” to be released digitally on iTunes and other online retailers on May 6th, 2013!

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Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Hope you stuffed yourselves with chocolate and candy hearts!

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I am so honoured and excited to be contributing to this years celebration of International Women’s Week with my participation in Wonder Woman VI In Concert on March the 8th!

But that’s not all! YOU can help us spread empowerment through art too!

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If you wish, there is also opportunity for you to make it into our next video as well as onto our Wall Of Empowerment at www.WonderWomenWorld.tumblr.com!

MARCH 4-8, 2013 is International Women’s Week, and LMG Productions celebrates by presenting WonderFest, a weeklong series of workshops and concerts that aims to promote an inspiring culture through art; a place for people to connect, cultivate and celebrate. WonderFest is coming March 4-8, 2013 Toronto!

We would be honoured if you would join us in our passion towards encouraging and empowering individuals through art.

For WonderFest schedules and details visit www.WonderWomenWorld.tumblr.com

I am so honoured and excited to be contributing to this years celebration of International Women’s Week with my participation in Wonder Woman VI In Concert on March the 8th!

Wonder Women VI: WonderFest 

Spreading empowerment through art! 

MARCH 4-8, 2013 is International Women’s Week, and LMG Productions celebrates by presenting Wonder Women VI: WonderFest, a weeklong series of workshops and concerts to spread empowerment through art.

Wonder Women is a series of events that aims to promote a positive environment for aspiring artists, inspiring them to develop their craft. Created by Mississauga singer-songwriter and Executive Producer Arlene Paculan, Wonder Women’s mission is to showcase diversified talents and build confidence and character through art. With the help of singer-songwriter and Artistic Director Kat Leonard, Wonder Women is quickly growing into a valuable wealth of resources, education and encouragement, a place for people to connect, cultivate and celebrate.

The Wonder Women series has grown in popularity among performing artists and fans. This International Women’s Week edition of Wonder Women will be the largest Wonder Women event yet. With four free workshops and two concerts involving approximately 50 wonder women and super men of varied media, WonderFest is certain to make a positive artistic impact on the community.


14 weeks ago I challenged myself to write one song a week for one year! Now 2013 is here and i’m midway through writing my 14th song! So I figure its time to share with you a rundown of my progress, and things i’ve learned along the way.


Write something everyday. This was great advice given to me by Christopher Ward during a skype mentoring session sponsored by the Songwriters Association of Canada. Check out more of Christopher Ward’s tips “On Songwriting” for other great insights.


To make this possible, i have a notebook by my side at all times, and lovely iphone apps to record on the fly, whether it be in the car, in the mall, or under the covers… whatever it takes! Personally I’m at my best in the morning… but its not just about when your inspired, it takes something more to do the work when you are not (and its the last thing you want to do!).


Honestly you have to push past the fear and be willing to write something that stinks, and in return for this sacrifice of your ego, you will breakthrough to something new.


Co-writing is an absolute pleasure, with many delightful returns in terms of learning, inspiration and friendships! It’s hard to tie this process down to the same timeline of one week like the others, but it is worth investing in the pursuit of co-writing to discover more about your songwriting potential, outside of your own style, and  process.


So here is an updated list of the songs i have written by committing to the act of writing everyday. Some days are long, but there is always a fresh start around the corner.

Week 1: You Hold The Mirror

Week 2: Daddy’s Little Girl

Week 3: Concrete Heart

Week 4: Play It By Ear

Week 5: The Good Word

Week 6: Soon As I Figure Out How (co-write with Dayna Shereck) Check out the behind the scenes on how our writing session unfolded here. We also cut a demo with vocalist Carol Kay for pitching purposes. Dayna & I felt it had a Country feel to it, so bringing Carol into the mix was a great choice to serve the style of the song. For all of you songwriters out there looking for clean demos, give Carol Kay a call and tell her i sent ya! 😉 https://soundcloud.com/cjkmusic

Week 7: Pretty Good Hurts Pretty Bad (co-write with Brian Edwards)

Week 8: Settle For Love (co-write with Candice Sand)

Week 9: You Won’t Survive is another song i had cut into an acoustic demo with vocalist Carol Kay. Believe it or not this song was inspired by a line spoken by the young female lead during an episode “The Vampire Diaries” (my guilty pleasure) which i turned around into an angst-ridden tune of my own. Have a listen!

Week 10: Fine On The Outside

Week 11: Can’t Stop Loving You

Week 12: All That Remains

Week 13: Up, Up & Away

That’s it folks! I’ve got much more up my sleeve in the coming weeks, including an online songwriting course with my mentor Pat Pattinson … so stay tuned!

At the beginning of October I embarked on a Songwriting Challenge for myself to write one new song a week for one year. Yes, one whole year!

A few weeks later I attended a daylong seminar put on by the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) called Songposium, which was focused on many aspects of the songwriting process including the anatomy of a song (by Rob Wells), publishing & licensing (by Jeff Dalziel), and licensing for film & television (by Amy Fritz). It was a full day, with the perfect of amount of insight that inspired me to include more co-writes as a contribution to my songwriting process and the yearlong challenge I have before me.

Check out my first post about my co-write with Dayna Shereck and stay tuned on the blog for more on how my Songwriting Challenge is going!

Well the past few weeks have been absolutely incredible! Starting with an awesome photoshoot with entertainment photographer Brian Patterson in the heart of the Distillery District in downtown Toronto. Check out his stuff here and you will find a few more out-takes from the shoot.

Next putting the finishing touches on my album art for the debut release of my single “Gypsy Heart” (now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and www.taniajoy.com of course!)

I also had the pleasure of working with engineer and bass man Ricky Joudrey on this track, which features Wendell Ferguson, Jaron Freeman-Fox and Richard Greenspoon to take it to the next level. I learned a ton from the experience and  hope you enjoy the results as much as I do!

The journey continues in studio as I prepare to release a 6 song EP early next year, so please stay in touch.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a while!