Week 8: My Songwriting Challenge

8 weeks ago I challenged myself to write one song a week for one year! Seems daunting right? Well I have fully taken this on and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! It has been such an amazing process so far, and i wanted to share a peak at the songs I’ve written by doing the work everyday! (well almost everyday).
Week 1: You Hold The Mirror
Week 2: Daddy’s Little Girl
Week 3: Concrete Heart
Week 4: Play It By Ear
Completed by candlelight amongst the chatter and clinking of pints at one of my fav pubs in Toronto.
Week 5: The Good Word
I was also inspired to invite my fellow songwriter pals on board to explore co-writing, which has multiplied the learning potential! In the coming weeks I will share behind the scenes on how these songs unfolded for us!
Week 6: Soon As I Figure Out How (co-write with Dayna Shereck)
Week 7: Pretty Good Hurts Pretty Bad (co-write with Brian Edwards)
Week 8: This week I’m working on a co-write with Candice Sand  called Settle For Love