Planks + Marietta

Planks and Marietta is now available for streaming and download on Bandcamp. All proceeds from downloads will be directed to Black Lives Matter.

I wrote this song about two tragic events. One while the world watched, the other close to home and relatively unknown. 💔 Both are hard to fathom and difficult to process but somehow we must, and then make change.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for the premiere of Planks and Marietta at Hillside Festival for Hillside Inside 2021. I am very grateful to the Hillside Girls & Guitars program for creating a space for me to bring this to life. Let’s keep this conversation going.

Much Love xo

I had chills over and over as I listened! It has such artistry in its storytelling, its heartbreaking reserve, and the emotional strain/tension that runs through it. Artists have a special kind of bravery that’s linked with telling the truth. In this case, Tania rescues a moment in history from obscurity or suppression, and ask us to contemplate its wider relevance – to the community, to Blacks elsewhere, and to the world – as she tenderly explore the disjunction between appearance and reality. I find the song unaccountably moving.– Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival