There are many things that occupy my thoughts on any given day, and many things that I am inspired by. This is the space I will use to share them. Why? Because sometimes we need to be reminded about the things we love, and sometimes it is good to share them with the people we love. And so I will share them here, with you.
Being true to myself is my journey. There are many twist, turns and bumps along the way, which I will also share, because that is how we grow, and that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?
I also encourage you to engage with me here, because people inspire me most. So share your experience and what resonates in your life.
In the meantime, ‘Be’ well!

Well the past few weeks have been absolutely incredible! Starting with an awesome photoshoot with entertainment photographer Brian Patterson in the heart of the Distillery District in downtown Toronto. Check out his stuff here and you will find a few more out-takes from the shoot.
Next putting the finishing touches on my album art for the debut release of my single “Gypsy Heart” (now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and of course!)
I also had the pleasure of working with engineer and bass man Ricky Joudrey on this track, which features Wendell Ferguson, Jaron Freeman-Fox and Richard Greenspoon to take it to the next level. I learned a ton from the experience and  hope you enjoy the results as much as I do!
The journey continues in studio as I prepare to release a 6 song EP early next year, so please stay in touch.
Thanks for hanging out with me for a while!